Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brown Thinking Man Pokeball

My pillcount is almost a hundred, so keep in mind that my tolerance is medium to high.

1pm: With 2 friends, I took 1 and a half with water, and parachuted another half.
1:30pm: Definitely feel something coming up. Heat building up in my head, beginning to feel very anxious, feel sort of light in the body.
1:50pm: Still feel like coming up, no peak yet. Beginning to think maybe these are bunk. Never taken a brown pill before.
2pm: Took one more pill.
2:05pm: Beginning to regret taking the third pill. I start peaking HARD. Jaw clenching, euphoria, feeling amazing, eye wiggles, everything you would expect from a good roll.
2:20pm: smoked two bowls with a friend, still feelings AMAZING.
4pm: still rolling hard, probably because the 3rd pill is in full effect now.
5pm: Finally coming down. Nothing too bad, still feeling good in the body.
6pm: Definitely down, but still feeling some e effects.
7pm: Pretty much done with the roll, but deep breaths and stretches still feel pretty good.
11pm: Little, if any, crackout. Functioning normally with my friends, smiling and joking. Feeling okay.

10AM next day: Ate perfectly fine. Feeling normal except for a sore throat from sucking too hard and slightly chewed gums.

I have definitely underestimated these pills. I'm not sure if I rolled so hard and long (thats what she said!) cause of the bowl I smoked, or because these pills were just dank. Gonna try these again in a few weeks without the weed. Overall, they were pretty decent pills that were clean.

Wish I had a testkit to double check, but I'm a pretty seasoned roller who's been rolling since 2008. These showed no signs of BK-MDMA aka methylone, like a lot of pokes going around these days.

Me and my 2 other friends that took these all agree that these take longer than usual to fully kick in. Be patient!

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  1. You are the man to contact when in doubt regarding pills. Will keep it in mind. Your reviews are as good as a movie review hahahah

  2. like the design on the pill lol

  3. Thanks for the info!