Friday, July 1, 2011

broken bongs and research chem bombs!

late night smoke sesh and my best friend just dropped and smashed my new bong. but its all good becuase the homie is coming into town with some 2C-T-7.

Ill post my experince for those of you who have yet to experince the full glory of T-7. ;)


  1. Fuckin looks sick man..
    Post on my blog about smashing the shit out of my bong, too. It sucks.
    Gonna order some new glass off Grasscity.

  2. I've never really owned a bong but I know if my friend broke mine it wouldn't end so good with him. Might get one soon though. Venice Beach <3

  3. dayumm, must have sucked when that thing broke!
    +followed back

  4. sorry for your bong.
    heard anything about DOI?

  5. The poor bong. In my region it's called "Blub" by the way ;). I'm looking forward to your experiences!

  6. huuuu, sorry for your bong man !
    I think that's one of the reasons why I like to smoke joints..

    Great blog anyway, I'll follow you, hope you'll do the same ;)

  7. (ps : please remove the captcha..)